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As some of you may know, I'm a content editor for, responsible for the Regionals Network feature. Unfortunately, due to a bad hand I was dealt, I was unable to make it to the playa this year, after going four years in a row. Let me tell you, it was tough not being there. My blood is made of playa dust.

I'm thinking of putting together a little article on what Burners do at home while everyone else is on the playa. The purpose of this is to show that people can stay connected to Black Rock City even when they cannot attend, because we have built up our communities and Burner social networks sufficiently enough. Hopefully, having the knowledge that Burners do come together outside of Black Rock City will provide comfort or inspiration in the future.

So, tell me what you got up to this week, Burning Man wise, whether you were part of something big, small or private. I'd like to quote people in this article, so I've asked some specific questions. Feel free to embellish.


Name or Playa Handle:
Burning Man affiliations:
Years Attended:
First Year:

1. Did you participate in any Burner activities this past week? If so, what? (Even if it was just a dinner gathering of Burner friends, a night out dancing, or you trying to watch the webcast, I want to hear about it!)

2. How did it feel to miss Burning Man this year? Why did you miss it? Have you ever taken a year off before?

3. Were there many people in your community who were unable to attend? How did they feel about not going?

4. What should Burners do who are unable to attend Burning Man?


I'd appreciate it if people could respond.
Drop me an email at
by Tuesday night, if possible.

Thank you,


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