dána (halffast) wrote in burning_man,

you know...

that burning man thing ain't so bad.

i don't know about "best" burn or anything like that
because i can't see "better" or "best" just "different"

least complicated definitely
although maybe that's not a good thing

maybe next year i need to try harder to fuck my own shit up

sunday morning at Sol System watching the sunrise
seeing the horizon filled with little orange bubbles of clouds
as i ran into friend after friend after friend doing the same
marks the second year of doing that (well Illuminaughty last year, but same diff)
and the second year of knowing there's no other place in phyical or mental space or time i would rather be in at that moment

now, let's see who wins the race.
exhaustion or the desire to get the big pile of stuff in my yard and on my car into the garage
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