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Back form my visit home

Burning Man was as awesome as I expected it to be. I met some angels and hugged some saints. Took some wonderful photos and had others taken with my camera that were a real treat. It occurred to me this year how like a big faerie ring BRC is. It crops up in all its splendor then vanishes without a trace.

Have you heard any playa gossip about how many people attended this year?

It was a challenge getting here. My van started blowing out transmission fluid like mad while we were still in the exodus line to get off the playa. Luckily somebody told me, so we were able to catch most of it before it hit the playa. We made it about 20 miles north before the transmission completely failed. Poor van is parked in Nevada just before the CA border waiting for me to come and get it.

Getting home involved an amazing amount of luck and good Juju. Luckily I have an abundance of both. We were picked up by a nice burner couple in an RV and dropped off at the hotel in Alturas where we got a lovely hot shower and a good night's sleep. The wife of the owner of the hotel just happened to be traveling to Eugene to visit her sister today, so we caught a lift with her at about 6 this morning. Tomorrow I have to drive back to Nevada to deal with my van. I hope I can afford to have it fixed and drive it home. I don't know what I will do if that's not possible. Anybody know of a wrecking yard in that area that would want an 88 Ford Aerostar with a blown tranny?

I hope you all had as spectacular a burn as I did. Wheee! I love Fireworks!

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