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I went to BM in 2000 and 01. I really wanted to go this year, but it all fell apart. So I wrote a poem instead.
Burning Man

I’m dreaming of desert
sun baked playa criss-crossed with cracks
people embrace their inner nature
glitter, body paint
feathers, wings
parasols, bells, and bikes
the vague thumping of music
like a heartbeat
dust storms blow in
like an angry djinn
grinning behind dustmasks
goggled eyes face into the blast
or maybe just squint
the cars drive by slowly
blasting fire
a moving living room
inches along
and the Bedouin dances with
a space elf
a pvc angel hops on
precarious in his platform boots
some Vikings pass by in a golf cart
some pirates try to pick a battle
with the wrong neighborhood
they leave quickly
the dancers spin fire
the chain circles light and heat
rhythmic against the dark
ancient weapon fighting invisible foes
the artwork towers against
the forsaken landscape
and makeshift city
drink some more water
explore in the night
find things that will be
gone before dawn
groggy grinning besequined
the fires consume
all things are only
paint on a canvas
next to some other artists
watch as the painting transforms
suspended by bungees
strapped into a harness
watch the cavegirl fight
the sci-fi witch
watch the barbarian
battle the apocalyptic warrior
old and new
and never before seen
time has no meaning here
the scream rips from my throat
cheering the victors
go to fight with the Space Vikings
go and hang with gladiators
sleep deprived conversations
heat of midday
run a maze
run two mazes
too easy, go back through them
find people who have wandered
lost for twenty minutes
forty minutes
for eternity
time has no meaning
they’ve wandered the maze
before it was built
the sun sets
and the temperature drops
a cybernetic cornfield glows
people in procession
lighting lamps
bring light to the people
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