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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

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"So," someone asked me...

"...what did you see?"

I saw a fellow in a sarong and bare feet walking past carrying a sign saying "Free Hugs" and gleefully shared one with him. I saw dafydd enjoying his one night of drunkenness a year, wearing a duck on his head ("They tied it to my backpack," he told me, "so my head can't fall off") and staggering through a tunnel of Christmas lights wearing a pair of MagicGlasses. I saw a pair of eyes manufactured from electroluminescent wire hovering in midair, looking back and forth, blinking, taking everything in. I saw a school bus that had been converted into a Spanish galleon, sailing across the desert, followed by a white whale with a tail that rippled as it moved along. I saw - and rode in - a foot-powered carousel that was easily 40' across. I saw the Man, 35' tall atop a 40' pyramid, outlined in neon, wreathed in fire and backed by smoke, fall gracefully to his inevitable demise as the residents of Black Rock City cheered and wept and sang and danced and celebrated in 30,000 different ways. I saw people practicing yoga and capoiera and contact improv in the Center Camp Cafe.

I saw beauty. I saw joy. I saw Home.

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