Tapestry, aka Tim (tapestry01) wrote in burning_man,
Tapestry, aka Tim


This was my first year at Burning Man. It was an incredible experience. Here's some of the lessons I learned...

* Lib balm is your friend.
* Never take anything for granted.
* Playa dust never sleeps.
* Calculate all anticipated expenses beforehand.
* You can't have too much water.
* Put some clothes in a Ziplock bag so that you'll have something clean to wear for the drive home.
* Music is the heartbeat of life.
* If you're tired enough, you can sleep anywhere.
* A stranger is simply a friend who isn't in your email list yet.
* Everyone must follow their own path. You can't follow someone else's path and expect to survive on whatever scraps of happiness they happen to throw your way. Everyone makes their own happiness. If a loved one starts down a path you can't travel, that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you.

...There's probably more lessons, I just haven't figured them all out yet. I'll keep working on it.
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