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Rumors milled

It's been almost a week, and I have yet to see anyone post on this.
Rumors I heard at BM and as of yet, can neither confirm or deny. I have my favorites from every year, but these three stick in my mind from 2003.

(and it's dumb of me to post this when I'm gonna be away from my computer all weekend and can't comment myself.)

1. Radiohead was there Friday playing at the man. And was playing somewhere Saturday after the burn.
(The kid who told me he saw them was on acid at the time, so I didn't believe him)

2. The Rolling Stones were going to play Thursday, but canceled.
(This one seemed to be a playa favorite.)

3. Sasha and Digweed were playing at various clubs all weekend.
(This is an annual one.)

4. Some guy fell off a poorly balanced art car and was crushed to death by the trailer.
(this one seems to be more realistic, since there was a police clear out of some area my friend was wandering through one night.)

I don't want to be morbid or naive, but um... anyone want to prove or pan these, or add their own favorite rumors?

My absolute favorite is from the first year (2001)I was there : The DEA (or BATF)was waaaaaaaaayyy out on the playa, in unmarked black SUVs, with night vision goggles – training their graduates on drug raids.
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