Wanderingangel (wanderingangel) wrote in burning_man,

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Pinky?"

Now the real part of Burning Man begins. “So what are we doing tomorrow night, Brain?” -“You know…!”

“There is a message that would be difficult to be missed. We each have a hand in making something wonderful happen and that wonderful thing is available to share with others only because it came from within us. We create it. We share it. We dismantle it and take it with us.

This same message can be found in everyday life. The ‘business end’ of my prayers in action is that those who recognize this message along with me, make available something wonderful to share with others within reach of our everyday life.”

The process is simple. Look at the people around you. See them for you they are. When you see someone with a light on inside, be sure to introduce us to them so that we may see them also.
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