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eLiquidMotion: a cautionary tale

On August 12th I placed a $97.13 with for some battery powered flashy things for Burning Man. On August 15th, my debit card was charged $97.13. The webpage said delivery would be in 6-8 days, so though I was cutting it a little close, I was fairly confident that there was still plenty of time. As of August 23, the Saturday I was supposed to leave, my package had still not arrived. I contacted Angie over there via eMail and made arrangements to have my package delivered to the BRC post office. I told her that I would return the other box that was presumably being sent to my home unopened when I got back.

I checked the the BRC post office everyday. I must say this was about 5 times more frustrating than trying to use the actual post office. The volunteers, bless their hearts, were having a really hard time grasping that I was not there to play customer/disgruntled postal worker. I was sent down to the closed window, made to stand in line for 30 minutes only to have the window shut in my face when I finally got there, abused and treated as rude as I have ever been treated anyplace... All the little jokes that might have been funny if I was not there to check about my hundred dollar box. Anyway, it never came.

When I came back from the playa, there was no box waiting for me at home either! I emailed Angie twice, who previously had always answered me the very same day, sometimes within an hour, and have yet to receive a reply back. I then sent an email to the sales contact there in case Angie was sick or on vacation. No answer. My last message went out to every person on their contact page. Still nothing. Today I tried to call their phone number, and no answer.

So, the moral of the story is that eLiquidMotion has ripped me off for $97.13. BEWARE!
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