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Remember my blood pressure question?

Well, as an update, my Dr. told me before I went to stop taking my water pills for fear of dehydration. By the Monday before the burn, my BP was up to 180/115 and the BRC medical staff had to give me a medical pass to Gerlach to see the Dr. there and get an Rx. If it wasn't showing improvement or if it went any higher, they would have made me go to the ER in Reno. Nu-uh! The Dr. in Gerlach was AWESOME, and very handsome I must say! *giggle* The medical staff there was great as well, helping me find my medical info since I forgot to bring it.

Lessons Learned:

1. Bring ALL your medication WITH! Even if you don't take them on a regular basis.
2. Bring a medical card! It's $120 just to SEE the Dr. in Gerlach and if they can't track down your info, you're paying through the nose.
3. BRC medical staff ROCK. But they are very busy people. Be patient, try and treat yourself for that rebar scratch, bring a GOOD First Aid kit. They would rather see that you tried to clean yourself up and did what you could than have you walking in gushing blood.
4. If you get a medical pass, BRING YOUR TICKET OUT WITH YOU! I was told I didn't need it to come back in, but indeed I did. Took me longer to get back in to BRC without my ticket stub than my whole trip to Gerlach!
5. Dehydration and taking a dieretic (sp?) due to high BP are seperate issues. The Dr. in Gerlach helped me understand that they are exclusive of eachother and confusing the issue almost cost me a trip to Reno!

Hope this helps anyone else on here with the same problem. :) Live and learn I guess...
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