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Some good news.

Here's some good press for a good company.


I ordered rather close to the mark for my trip, and on arrival, half the lights I had ordered were not functional. I called the customer service number, got someone immediatly, who had my replacements sent out ASAP 2 day air. Cheap prices, good service, and while the lights I ordered didn't work as well as I wanted *the bomber lights tended to 'overheat' after a good couple hours riding around at night while attached to my wheels and would stay simply a fast blinking red* they did all work as well as 2-3 dollar blinky lights should.

Honestly, if I've learned anything, do not scrimp on LED products. The ones that cost more do so because while the LED tech is cheap, getting them to withstand anything rigerous is tough. My Photon 3's are still going on orginal batteries after a year and a half. Course, you have to balance paying a crapload for better lights and losing/breaking them out there or buying a few extra cheap ones and not caring if you break or lose em.

Also, for the playa, I'll be sticking to EL Wire over blinky lights next year for my bike. The lights looked ok, but weren't enough to really look decent.

So again, good props to the company.

Also, for glowsticks, this site had some that I picked up a fifty pack for. The wrapped ones. Novelty grade, not industrial. The next night, after having had them cracked for 24 hours, they still had a faint glow to them. Most store bought sticks are dead after around 14-16 hours.

Cheap prices, good quality, awesome people.

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