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Interesting Advice from Viriginia Kitten

This was posted on the Hushville mailing list, but I think its good ideas for everyone in the Burner community to think about -- The only thing I did was edit out camp specific information, which is in brackets for clarity

"the recent posts , as well as the death and plane crashes we had on the playa this year, have left me thinking that perhaps there's not enough discussion about what would/could/should happen in case we actually do get injured at burning man. so, let's do that. here are a few of my ideas.

make it a new policy for 2004 to always carry your on-playa emergency contact info on you. include your real world contact info as well, or make sure your on-playa contacts have it. you pass out , at least whoever finds you will be able to figure out you belong right there.

if you plan to do a lot of exploring on your own, let your friends & campmates know what your plans are, at least generally, for your days & evenings. when they've realized you've been spending 20 hours a day in jiffy lube, they can fetch you and bring you back for a nice intervention.

most definitely bond with your neighbors, especially if you're on your own. not only will you be invited over for some great dinners, but it really builds the community. and those folks will be the
first to be concerned when you haven't come back to camp after a couple of days.

and get to know your neighborhood rangers. rangers see a lot of cool stuff when they're out rangering, so they're a great source of info. and who can resist those sexy hats?

co-flounder, noise abatement & bay area ambassador hushville"

I think she brings up some really wonderful good solid ideas.

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