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excerpt from one of my burning man posts w/ photos


that's one of the very first things I did at burning man this year. I had some cantaloupe left over from the drive and I dipped it in playa dust. it's tasty. it's salty and sweet. I like combining flavors. I tried it first before offering it to, nay, pushing it upon others. playa gets everywhere when you're in black rock city. it just does. one of the things that helps me be ok with that level of dirt penetration is that it's eatable. edible. I mean you can eat almost anything. I suppose LA dirt is technically edible. but it tastes like tucker. not that I was OCDishly unOK with the dirty before, but I got even more ok when I first ate playa.


without consuming too much room here, here's but one of the photos I posted:

this sculpture was already mentioned in this community but I couldn't decide which photo I liked best. so I put it to a vote. go vote.

the rest of the photos and writings

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