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seattle discussion list reorg: events list as well as discussion list

I'm reorg'ing the seattle-area burning man discussion list to have a separate event announce list, thought I'd mention it here as there as there are probably people interested in joining the events list that aren't on the discussion list. whee.

Hey Folks,

In the next few days, burningman-bcwa is going to divide into two
lists, one is burningman-bcwa, the list that we all know and love,
and the other is, which is a new moderated
event announcement list.  bcwa-events is ready now for your signups.

Event announcements that previously went to burningman-bcwa will go
to this list, as well as other announcements that will come to it
from other event producers.  I'm creating this list after chatting
with list members, event-making people, and others at this year's
burn who wanted to get the word out on events that were for our
community, but not neccesarily burning man-related.

This list has a different mission than seattle-announce, which
continue to carry burningman-related events like it has in the
past, and is run by David Peterman, our regional contact.  Send
BM events there, send events that you want to get the word out
to the community about to the bcwa-events list.

Join us, as we evolve the mail lists to meet the needs o'
the community...

send mail to
or go to
and sign up from there.  send me mail (
if you need more help.


(list moderator)

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