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We'd done a reasonable job of keeping the rental van clean through the event. But then we packed up in Sunday's whiteout, and you know what that means. I was all but resolved to pay Budget their $150 Burning Man fee. That's when we found Buggy Bath Car Wash (2525 S. Victoria in Reno). They washed the outside twice and detailed the interior, going so far as to clean out the door jambs and vacuum the ceiling. They even gave us wet towels to clean our crates while they were working. Cost? $25. Would have been $23, but we had a van and not a car. We returned the van in considerably better shape than it had been in when we picked it up. This place belongs on any regional list of Burner-friendly businesses.

Three weeks before the event, I bought a pair of Merrell hiking shoes. Though I brought a bike, I ended up doing most of the festival on foot. After five days and who knows how many miles, my feet felt great. More to the point, my knees also felt great. These are good shoes. Washed up nicely, too.

Late to the party: I finally broke down and got one of those LED headlamp thingies. Yes, they make you look like a dork, but let's face it: you're already green, covered with glitter, and wearing a corset made out of Toyota air filters. The light is right where you're looking, and you have both hands free. Amazing! I can't imagine camping without it now.

Finally, this was the year I spent the bucks on decent eye protection. I've "saved money" in this department before, and it's cost me a lot of fun (and in 2000, a large chunk of my sanity). Never again. If you haven't been to desert yet, just take it as a given that you'll be in a 40mph dust storm. Who do you want to be? The chump with his t-shirt pulled over his head, bumping into parked cars, or the smoove dude getting dust on his teeth because he's wearing a big there's-no-grit-in-my-eyes grin?

Nasal saline is a gift from God.

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