m e g g a n (meggmoon) wrote in burning_man,
m e g g a n

Hiya! I'm hoping you experienced kids out there can give me a little bit of advice. This year was my first burn and while I was blown away by it all, it didn't go as I'd planned and I ended up leaving before the burn (blasphemy!) and driving home with a yucky cold and a very sad face. From the minute I returned home I've been thinking (read: obsessing) over next year and am already pretty excited. I've decided that this year was simply my dress rehearsal and that next year I'm going to get it right, darn-it!

In the spirit of all of that I've decided that for Halloween I'll be going as a Burner - and will be spending the night giving away all of the stuff I took with me to give away and didn't. I'm looking for something that resembles playa dust that I can apply to myself in the hopes of looking authentic). Anyone have any ideas??

Thanks in advance!
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