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Decompression Party? Anyone?

This, I believe, is actually in Wisconsin. Is anyone here going to it?


Its our 3rd annual Burning Man Decompression, when you get to get
back together with all the wonderful people you ran with in the
desert, and meet new people who you'll run with next year and share
photos, videos, stories, drinks, until your toes curl from sheer
pleasure! We're doing it at the always wonderful Wildlife Refuge
again so feel free to bring a tent, sleeping bag and make a full
night of camping and revelry of it. Music & Fire outside the bar,
electronic music and decks inside the bar! Hand drummers needed
during burn! Calling all firespinners. Bring anything you'd like to
burn to add to the effigy! Wear COSTUMES! Free camping and beer to
all Synchronicity members who show their cards. All non members will
be asked to chip in $5 to cover camping fee and free beer for the
night. Everyone is to help with clean up during and after the event.
Those who don't comply will be burned along with the effigy.

DIRECTIONS and more at
Chicago is not that far away.

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