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Rebuilding Rogue

For those of you who haven't read the latest JRS yet, this is a brief story of what happened to Rogue, Burning man art car.

I wanted to bring to attention an incident which happened on Sunday night sometime after the Temple burn.
Vandals first slashed the tires of, then set fire to Rogue, one of the Death Guild art cars. As with any art up on the playa, these cars are products of huge amounts of work as well as a sizeable investment in cash. Rogue also happened to be a street legal daily driving car for its owner, and recently was also a temporary home. In one fell swoop, these vandals destroyed the product of countless hours of work, the artist's transportation and home. Not only that, but between the three 25 lb propane tanks, a 125 lb oxygen tanks, several MAPP gas canisters and 25 gallons of gasoline, it's amazing the destruction of this car didn't cause injury to those sleeping nearby or additional damage. If it wasn't for the quick response of the Black Rock Fire Department, this incident could have turned into a real tragedy.

While Burning Man is an outlet for radical self-expression, the destruction of someone else's art or property is well outside the acceptable bounds. While it seems obvious to most, I think it is important that people are made aware of this. Additionally, I feel it is important that those responsible are made to understand that their participation in Burning Man does not include this kind of activity.
On that score, information on this incident is being sought by friends of the artist and can be sent to:

On a more positive note, the artist has decided to rebuild Rogue, pending available funds. He is currently working feverishly to obtain the approximately $6000 required to repair and rebuild this piece. If you enjoyed Rogue and would like to help out, donations are being accepted through PayPal.
Use the e-mail address:
Rogue was a performance art piece that brought some extreme responses both positive and negative. It lived a short but intense life, including a recent road trip across the US.

You can find pictures, taken on the roadtrip mentioned above, in my journal here

Many people commented the day after that Rogue was beautiful even after its destruction - For those interested, before and after photos can be found at:

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