Amazon of the Watermelon Galaxy (blueeyedamee) wrote in burning_man,
Amazon of the Watermelon Galaxy

From Burning Man at the Plastic Chapel


As the Lush Confuser and the Holy Healing Bitch weave hair-raising harmonies that exactly match the color of the spectral light, as the Maniacal Miracle-Maker unleashes a gushing music of the spheres I swear I heard in my dream last night, I lead the devotees through the climax:

"And now I ask you to hold your own hand," I chant. "Close your eyes and imagine gazing into a mirror. And repeat the following sacred vows to yourself.

"'I will never forsake you. I will never betray you.

"'I will forgive you for your imperfections and praise you for your beauty.

"'I will always treat you with reverence and respect.

"'I will love you until the end of time.

"'I will do with you what the spring does to the cherry trees.

"I now pronounce you your own husband and your own wife, married to yourself in the eyes of the Goddess, forever and ever. You may kiss yourself on your own lips."

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