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Warning! eLiquidMotion is back online

I made yet another attempt to contact them about getting ripped off last summer and was basically told to go away. Only a slight step up from being totally ignored like the last time I tried to contact them.

My message:
Hi, remember me? You guys ripped me off this summer. I have been making sure to spread this fact as far and wide over the internet as I can. You promised me a delivery that never came. You still have my money. Please feel free to return the money you stole from me ASAP. It's a lot of money to me, and what you did is a crime. Now I see that your website is back up and you are prepared to go about the business of ripping more people off. You should be ashamed of yourselves. I trusted you. I told people what great service I had gotten. I have had to go back and tell them all that you are couple of two-bit scam artists.

> Dear eLiquidMotion,
> This email confirms that the Pending eCheck you have received for $94.17
> from has cleared.
> ------------------------------
> Payment Details
> ------------------------------
> Total Amount: $94.17
> Transaction ID: 96Y39125XX492684A
> Item Title: Shopping Cart

The reply:
you know what??? you RIPPED me off! and i will be more than happy to tell
the ENTIRE world! you used a fraudulent checking account!! i thought you
had disappeared. i didn't get to keep your money... it was taken back by the
bank YOU ripped off!!!

so, before you start slurring accusations, maybe you should not have tried
to de-fraud me first. i will be MORE than happy to press charges on you for
trying to commit internet fraud, checking account fraud, and interstate
fraud. is that what you want???

i trusted you as a customer. you lied. and, btw, my site was down for one
week while i rebuilt my server, etc. i have been in business for myself for
years. i know the laws. i know proper business practices. you need to check
into that.


So I explain:
Let's look at the timeline:

Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 5:55 PM
Subject: Notification of a Cleared eCheck Payment

This means that you received my payment, does it not? This is from my bank statement:

09/17/2003 REV PAYPAL/ECHECK/030809 94.17

So, you got my money. Please, do try to sue me for fraud. I have a paper trail a mile long that shows where you took my money. You said you would send my package. My package never arrived.

I contacted you on 8/23/2003 to tell you that I was leaving and the package had not arrived. You said you would track it for me. Then you said you would send it to me at Black Rock City. The entire week of the event went by and still no box. I came home from the event and still no box. I contacted you again 9/2/2003 to tell you that my package had not arrived at either address.

I got NO REPLY form you. I tried every email address on your contact page. I even called the telephone number, which nobody picked up.

On 9/8/2003 I sent another email in an attempt to sort this out. NO REPLY AGAIN.

I tried to go through PayPal and tell them that you had ripped me off. They said they would not get involved because the transaction was over 30 days ago.

So, on 9/25/2003, over a month after I should have received something from you, a refund, a package, I got nothing. It was at that point that I went to my bank and asked them to revoke the charge to my account form PayPal.

You took my money, sent me nothing and now you accuse me of fraud! Go for it! I have all the evidence on my side that I was ripped off. Please feel free to start an official investigation. The truth is on my side. And on top of that, now my PayPal account is frozen with a negative balance because of your flaky ass.

And her response:
i was informed by paypal that you had committed fraud. so, if it IS your
bank account, then WHY are you asking me for $ if they gave it back to you
already? why are you asking for double money unless it was fraud?

So I wrote back:

I can prove that the money was taken from my bank account by you. I have the bank records. It was not until a month had passed and no product was shipped to me that I went to my bank and had them retrieve my money back for me.

You have no excuse for not answering any of the emails I sent trying to find out what happened to my money or my shipment. I sent several and I have saved copies of all of them.

To which she responded:
you know what. do not contact me ever again. MY account is in the negative
because of you! there is NO way (unless it WAS fraud) that you would be in
the negative, i would. it took it from my money. i will NOT argue over
money you already got back... if indeed it was your account, which it does
NOT sound like it was. i really did mail out the package. it really did
come back. i really do have my proof. i also have paypal telling me you
used a fraudulent bank account. i don't know you. i know paypal is VERY big.
global. so, i have a tendency to believe them. do not EVER contact me
again. you have no reason to contact me if you got your money back. 'cause i
know it was jerked from me AFTER i was stuck with a shipping bill.

So, I ask for some proof:
Prove to me you mailed the package. I never received it. What was the shipping number? Who signed for it? As far as I know, you could not even give me a tracking number when I specifically asked for it. I don't believe you shipped it at all. That's why you wrote back offering to ship it to BRC. That never happened either. You should be able to provide at least one shipping number, but I bet you won't.

The PayPal account is my account. Check the email addresses. The only way my bank could get my money back for me was for them to list it as an unauthorized transaction. I explained to them that I had purchased items not delivered and they took it from there. I did not select the means they used to contact PayPal. Check the dates, that money was retrieved from PayPal a full month after I was supposed to have gotten a box from you and almost a full month after I started trying to reach you or anybody else there to try and straighten this matter out.

Why is PayPal saying we both have a negative balance? I don't have the answer to that, but I know they remind weekly.

You still have no excuse for never answering any of my messages I sent you when I did try to contact you and settle this directly. You want to make it sound like it was my fault, but fact remains that you totally ignored me when I tried to contact you. This could have been dealt with another way if you had not been so lame about replying to my THREE messages trying to find out what happened. You did not call me on the phone to speak to me about what happened. You did not write back to say "but we did ship it, here's proof." You did not offer me a refund. You did the singularly most unprofessional thing you could have done. You blatantly ignored me. Well, you just topped yourself by telling me to leave you alone. My PayPal account is frozen because of your irresponsible business practices. You don't get the luxury of telling me to go away.

Does she provide it?
it has been a pleasure doing business with you. thank you for being
professional and ingoring my polite request. i do not see that we continue
this matter further, as you have gotten your money and i have lost mine.
so, with that said, i will no longer respond to your emails from here on
out. i am sorry you feel we have had a bad business dealing, as i have been
stolen from. have a good night.

This was the message I received from her. Since then I have sent here this, still no reply:

I knew it, no proof. You are a liar. I don't have to be professional. I am not claiming to be a business. You call taking somebody's money and not sending them anything doing business? If you had responded to my messages before, this probably could have been settled a month ago. Don't try to make it sound like I was responsible. I did not steal anything from you. I have NOTHING of yours. I only have back my own money that you stole from me. I do not have your merchandise. You have been everything but polite, my dear.

If she had actually sent me the package, why is she so unwilling to give me any kind of tracking number?

Just a word of caution to anybody that is thinking they might want to order from these people. I have not altered any of these emails in any way. They really are this immature and unprofessional.
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