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The desert resurfaces in so many ways...

Last night was trick-or-treat night. I went over to valydius's house to help out, because they get a veritible fuckton of kids over there. I'm talking like 200+. Frightening. Anyway, as I was driving over, I suddenly remembered that I still had some left over glow bracelets from my trip to the desert in the back of my car. I had taken 500 out there, but brought 250 or so back with me. I had gotten rid of a few more since then, but frankly I was getting tired of toting the dang things around. What better way to get rid of them and to bring smiles to the faces of children than by gifting them during trick-or-treat? I put all the connectors on the 200 or so I had left, and in doing so managed to get some playa dust ground into the skin of my fingers. The bag of connectors was left open, outside, during at least one or two dust storms, you see.

So 200 kids have a little piece of the desert with them. A little playa dust goes a long way, and it truly warms my heart to know that I've sent it out among so many. It just feels good to share the desert this way, and it reminded me again that there are so many little things we can do to bring that "burning feeling" into our "real" lives. It feels good. Real good. The desert has a funny way of doing that. Just what you need, exactly when you need it.

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