Amazon of the Watermelon Galaxy (blueeyedamee) wrote in burning_man,
Amazon of the Watermelon Galaxy

Toronto Burners Decompression Party 2003
Saturday NOVEMBER 29th 2003- Toronto, The Blue Moon, BE THERE!

I volunteered to be in charge of "Activities other than on the stage stuff". I also volunteered a friend to do Burlesque between numbers on the stage, to keep the audience aroused excited in between sets of djs, entertainment and song.

I also volunteered myself for fire eating, bringing a dish or two to the potluck and also the making of a NOISY PARTY room (the evolution of last years SMUT ROOM). Maybe ROCKMONINOFF will even perform! It should be good!!!

Im hoping that another friend of mine will volunteer to do either a burlesque number like last year or do a Drag King show. That would be wicked!!!

Other activities are a tattoo table (marker tattoos for the night), a latex massage booth, and also I beleive another friend is going on stage, to debut her comedy career. Its all very exciting! I think I may even display some paintings, bring my disco ball and do a gifting table.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to do activities other than stage stuff, let me know!

Other activities where we need people are:
greeters (spankers),
people to bring food to the potluck,
people to bring gifts (everybody) for the gifting table,
setting up/breaking down,
clean up the next day
and anything else you wanna do.

If you have special talents and or an interest in Burning Man or want to display your art or want more info - let me know! Yai! Im so excited!
email me at
fire_amazon at

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