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so there I was.. juggling naked in the desert, when..

despite the fact that the all-too-familiar routines of normal life set back in almost as soon as I got back from Burning Man, I try to consciously remember that moment whenever I put on my Alien Love Nest medallion. there I was, standing in the desert, just outside of the carpet-filled Arabic pavillion around mid-day, and it's Trick-for-Treat. you do a trick, they give you a medallion. I used my fledgling skills as a juggler, and although not a great performance, I did, in fact, get a medallion. I thought it trite at the time, but I'll give them this, it was memorable. for me, keeping that in mind is the conscious use of memory, to draw my spirit back into that place. not so much to that moment, but to the feelings of freedom and of being at the edge of one's limits, and weathering them.

standing almost naked in the desert, when a dust storm roars up and you can't see your hands. knowing that if you just sit, and wait, and close your eyes, it will simply pass.

always finding someone to juggle with, when you feel like juggling..

coming back from a night's wanderings to eat Tasty Bites on warm rice..

going to sleep with a face mask and ear plugs on, and then waking up and wondering which sarong to wear..

so ya, I'm thinking cthulhia and I should organize that Burning Man party for Worldcon this year.
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