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Floralia - Xara Dulzura: 2004

Friday, April 23 through Sunday, April 25, 2004
Madre Grande Monastery
18372 Highway 94, Dulzura, California 91917
35 miles from downtown San Diego


Xara Dulzura is a private retreat and you must have a confirmed reservation to enter the monastery grounds. Registration is by mail order only, there will be no onsite registration for this retreat.

You must be 21 years of age or older with photo identification to participate, no refunds will be given to underage registrants. Babes in arms are excepted from the age requirement, and pay no registration fee, but their parent must sign a release on their behalf.

No vending - no advertising - no pets - no scented or phosphate soaps - no glass bottles - no spectators - no trace.

Parking will be $20 per vehicle.
The parking fee will be collected in cash at the gate.
Madre Grande Monastery cannot accomodate recreational vehicles.

Proceeds from this retreat will benefit:

Madre Grande Monastery; the Black Rock Arts Foundation; and help bring Xara back to Black Rock City.

The event will proceed rain or shine and there will be no refunds. Participants will camp in a meadow on the monastery grounds, explore its landscape and energy, experience the art and community of other participants, and celebrate the coming of a New Summer with music, dancing and performances on multiple stages.

Registrations are limited and will be reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

Please Note:
This is an outdoor retreat in a natural environment and all participants assume full responsibility for their own safety at all times and places on the monastery grounds. Participants requiring emergency medical treatment or evacuation will be responsible for the expense of that care.

Participants will be camping in a sensitive and living environment and everyone will be expected to show the highest respect and care for the land - and for one another. Registration for this retreat grants a license to enter and participate, but this license may be revoked without refund for violations of the rules of the retreat or the monastery. The Xaraproject and The Madre Grande Monastery expressly reserve the right to refuse entry or to remove anyone from the monastery grounds if they determine in good faith that it is necessary for the best interests of the individual, the retreat, monastery, organizers, or other Participants.

Registration Deadline:
All registration requests must be postmarked by Tuesday, April 20, 2004 or otherwise actually received in the Xaraproject office by the close of business on Thursday, April 22, 2004.

Registration Fees: $80.00
General Registration fees for Xara Dulzura: 2004 are $80/person again this year, but read on for discount registration pricing. Registration requests will be accepted and confirmed in the order in which they are received.

Returning Xaran Discount Registration: $50.00
If you attended last year's retreat and completed the onsite check-in materials, you are a returning Xaran and may reserve registration for yourself and all members of your group for $50/person by postmarking your registration request and fee payment on or before February 15, 2004.

You may reserve as many registrations as you want and may submit as many registration requests as you wish. Returning Xaran Registrations Requests are entitled to guaranteed confirmation and reservation.

Early Registration Discount: $65.00
Anyone may reserve registration for themselves and the members of their group at the early registration discount rate by postmarking their registration request and fee payment in the amount of $65/person on or before the "Ides of March," March 15, 2004. Early Registration requests will be filled and confirmed in the order received, based on the date of the postmark.

Project Volunteer Registration: $25.00
Visual and performing artists, workshop leaders, theme camps and hospitality project leaders are encouraged to present projects for the benefit of fellow participants. We will offer $25.00/person registration for a reasonable number of crew members for a select number of projects. Those interested in presenting projects at Xara Dulzura: 2004 should write to xara-project@cox.net to discuss details and the availability of project volunteer registrations.

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