potaotes (felicity869) wrote in burning_man,

Hello. My name is Jeanine, I'm 19 and live in San Jose, CA. I had heard of burning man many times in the past but never knew what it really was. Then a man at the place where I paint ceramics tried to explain it to me. It seemed interesting, obviously more than a bunch of pyros heading off to the desert just to burn things (which was what I had original thought it was). So I went to the burning man web site and ended up readin hours worth of info, which led to looking at random people's pictures for hours and reading what all these people had to say about burning man. Now I want to go so bad it hurts. It really does sound like the most amazing event imaginable. My problem is that I can't seem to get my boyfriend to understand how grand this is. I tried explaining to him, showing him pictures and whatnot but it's just not working. He said he'd be willing to go but only because he knows that it's something I really want to do, not because he wants to go. I know everyone says that you have to experiance burning man to truely know what it is and that it's not something you can easily explain but I was hoping that you guys might be able to help me help him understand what it's about and what makes it so great.
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