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What do you think of the pricing this yr for bm?

Im looking for another way to look at their rational for this yrs pricing solutions. im frustrated because the ticket that i bought last year, in the fashion that I bought it, will cost me 200.00 this year. When last year i paid 165.00. It frustrates me because last year I walked into a retail outlet, bought my tickets, and walked away with them IN HAND... as opposed to buying them and having them mailed and paying for a more secure delivery method... I bought them in early february.. which i consider to be early,...so i was in the first round of 'normal' sales. I didnt mail it in for the lowest "3-days only offer",.... but got the first level pricing because i purchase early. Now, im required to buy them on the internet to get that price. that frustrates me. am i being petty? no, im not looking to be slammed...im just asking to see if someone else has a better way for me to look at this? grrrrrr. and also...roarrrrrrr.
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