Sessa (sessa) wrote in burning_man,

Long Island Burners?

Okay...I think finally that this is the year. I figure if I order tickets, I'll HAVE to go, right? But having never gone before...I'd just feel better if I started meeting/talking to some people from Long Island/the NY area that are going...this way I don't feel like I'll be making the 2500+ mile trip alone. And worse, the 2500+ mile trip back. I just wonder about how much I should much I should pick up along the much it cost people to get there and back between gas and tolls and food and whatnot. I just don't wanna dig a huge ass hole for myself and then be really lonely at the bottom come burntime :) so if anyone knows any websites or mailing lists (I'm already on the Jack Rabbit Speaks one ;) that'd rock. Thanks.
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