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event notice and call for art car creators

cross-posted to artcars, burning_man, cracktory, and sfbayarea. my apologies (and an lj-cut!) to those who see this more than once, or to whom this wouldn't apply....

Art Car/Mutant Vehicle creators WANTED to present at a community awareness building event in early April about Mutant Vehicles and the process of creating your very own!

Event details:
The San Francsico City Car Club is hosting its first Mutant Vehicle Social in April. We will have representatives from the Burning Man DMV to cover regulations for 2004 and experienced MV/"art car" creators on hand to answer your "how to" questions. (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE! THIS COULD BE YOU!)

6:30-till its over.
Presenters start @ 7:00
Followed by "social" time, Car Club style - music and more!?
Donations welcome at the door if you care to share- no one will be turned away.
BYOB if you please.

About the Venue:
SF City Car Club is a art car/mutant vehicle indoor work shop. Daily, weekly and monthly rental options. Tools and equipment available with 24 hour access. For more info on the club check out http://www.citycarclubsf.com
email: info@citycarclubsf.com or call 415-970-0648

For more information about the event and if you want to help - presenters, mechanics, volunteers etc.- contact Jeanavive TheNetworkGirl
email: info@thenetworkgirl.com - http://www.thenetworkgirl.com
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