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Hey, everybody! This is Gw Welsh!
I used to be the media coordinator for the hamptons roads vegfest in 2001 and 2002.
Went to indiana state for tv/film/radio
Toured for Christ over in Russia for a drama group as "the evil king" and production leader.
Any way i'm passionate about the lives of animals and humans..
I now own greater wealth productions. We have a t.v. show called "the playground factory"
check the site out its free.
i'm looking for a date thats the reason i'm here so here it is

Each day I will post three questions. And one new important thing about me. The idea here is to be 100% accurate and learn the quirks of me and the good things about you ladies. The more you get right the more you can ask me so if you dig it, lets go.

1. If you was an actress who would you be?
ms. ryder, madonna, ashley judd, heather grahm

2. What bb team do you root for?
da bulls, L.a. lakers, boston celtics, you don't watch bb

3. Your taste in romance is compared to what movie?
when harry met sally, true romance, what a girl wants, casablanca

now for my important thing: I love the academy awards and will one day be there!

p.s. i'm hoping to get a girl by june 3rd so she can go with me and friends for a documentary on James Joyce. Which means you need a passport!

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