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*Shameless plug* - 50 ft. Parachute for sale/trade

[*Shameless plug*]
I have a 50 ft. parachute in my possession that my ex-roommates and i took to and used at BM a couple years ago. i no longer have a use for it and would like to give fellow burners first dibs on it before i posted it up on ebay...

All the lines have been cut, but most of the loops where the lines connected at are still intact - a few are not, due to circumstances beyond our control = high winds @ BM :p
there are a few small holes around the edge due to staking it into the playa after the loops broke... there are also a few holes caused by it getting caught on part of our geodesic dome in the wind, but nothing too major. other than that, it is in good condition. it has been in a box ever since, and still even has playa dust in it (does playa dust ever NOT stay in stuff??).
i have a few pics of it in use: (click on images for larger versions)

inside the dome, we fit a 15ft(~20ft total) moving truck, a 20ft geodesic dome, a 9x9ft canopy, along with a car and 4 tents, and still had plenty of room to move around, play, chill, cook, etc...

-price/trades and terms are negotiable!!
-if you have any questions or are interested, please email me at bustindustin@mail.com

...happy burning!!
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