dána (halffast) wrote in burning_man,

(not that it's happened here, but this is directed at the stream of complaints i've gotten on various lists)

1) duh. yeah, it was a big surprise their servers couldn't handle it. maybe they should raise the price to $200 for the lowest level ticket so that they can afford to have enough server power to make sure everyone who wants to save $20 on a ticket can do so in a convenient fashion

2) to re-emphasize the point of the last sentence. look you cheap bastards! it's $40. go to sleep. wake up in the morning. if 3000 people haven't bought tickets maybe you can save $40. if $40 really matters that much, apply for a low cost ticket

3) be glad the server performance was so crappy, because now, some 7 hours later, 3000 people still didn't buy tickets and there seem to be $165 ones readily available.

4) every popular thing at burning man has a ridiculously long line. just consider it prep for the playa. i'll admit it. i got ahead by bringing a couple bags of ice and a bottle of tequila mix.
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