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So I think I'll end up in the desert this year...

Howdy there.
Poetess/healer/priestess/interfaith education/awareness activist and one hell of a dancer here...

I have some questions for those of you who have had some experience at Burning Man, as I've never gone before but know some that have, but I don't want to really get as wild and crazy as many seem to want to (although that's not a bad thing, mind you- just not for me)...

but I would like to really take my creativity and energy and levels of growth to a new level...


1) What was the most inspiring event or activity that you experienced whilst at Burning Man?

2) How was your Creativity encouraged or inspired by the people and/or events that took place?

3) Any Spiritual Revelations that you were able to take away from the event? If so, tell me about it as much as you feel comfortable sharing.

4) Was there any point that you felt like you were losing control of yourself, or was there a point that it seemed all of your inhibitions were lost and you were free? Please share what led up to that and how you felt during and afterward (if it was a conscious change).

5) Do you find it's easy, moderate, or difficult to integrate those experiences from Burning Man into your real life when you get back home? Give examples.

I truly truly appreciate all of you who answer my questions and hope to spark some interesting conversation before the event takes place...


Brighest of Blessings,

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