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Ticket Uproar

For all you who were upset at the way tickets were handled and that you couldn't get a cheap one, I'm sorry for you, but crap happens. This is the first time they've done online ticketing, and try as they might, they can't handle everything -- technology isn't perfect, and imagine how many people were actually trying to do the exact same thing you were. So here is information from inhouse ticketing, the people who as of last year are actually handling the ticketing operations for Bman - it was their servers you were having issues with, not burning man's.

If you didn't see this in the JRS, here you go:

InHouse Tickets had prepared everything to try to take the load, but we did still experience issues when the rubber hit the road with such magnitude. Below is a message from InHouse -- PLEASE read it if you had any difficulty getting your ticket purchase, or need support from any failed attempts to order.

"By now many of you have already purchased your tickets to Burning Man 2004. Some of you may have experienced problems when trying to order online early on March 1st.

The ticket team would like to sincerely apologize for this morning's slow process in purchasing tickets. We are working through all of the support issues right now and will make sure that all partially completed orders will be finished as soon as humanly possible. (Note: partially completed orders will be processed at the level shown on those orders where verifiable.) This will take a day or two to resolve, but thank you for being patient while we work through everything.

If you have any questions or issues with an order placed, please contact us online at:

Please use the above link to submit yor questions and issues. This is the *fastest* and most efficient way to communicate with us at present. Please do NOT call or send multiple support requests to InHouse or Burning Man - this will only slow us down as we try to answer your questions.

The $165 and $185 allotments are SOLD OUT.

We know this has been frustrating and hard and we thank you for your patience -- don't worry you will get your tickets! Like last year, we are doing everything we can to meet the needs of our community. Thank you all for being understanding.


Marc Urbaitel
CTO - InHouse Ticketing

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