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Inner Rave: Enlightenment by Dancing


Synopsis: *from site*

This site is dedicated to spiritual development by means of dancing at
parties and clubs. If you are interested in dance or in meditation this
site is for you. Here is the executive summary for those in a hurry.

In a nutshell, dance is meditation! It is possible to gain direct access
to our own enlightened qualities: peace, love, openness, understanding,
energy and joy.

The popular notion of meditation is to withdraw from the senses and
suppress our thoughts. This is hard to do and doesn't last very long
because it is an artificial state. It is also rather dull.

Real meditation is being completely awake and open to what is happening
right now. We recognize thoughts as just thoughts and return to openness
again and again. This moment of recognition is effortless and natural and
can become completely stable.

Vivid dance experiences are the ideal time to practice real meditation.
Real meditation is effortless and sparky. Effortless because we are simply
opening up to what is already there, our natural awareness. Sparky because
vividness is fun!

Dance and meditation come together in the experience of absolute
spontaneity! When we are completely in tune with the music, not a thought
in our mind, and no idea where the next beat will take us, then we are in
touch with our own spontaneous perfection. This is dance as a spiritual
path to enlightenment.

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