funferal (jodymeme) wrote in burning_man,

six degree burn

howdy, kids.

there's an interesting Burner-customized social engineering system a la Friendster and Tribe that was set up just this week, called Six Degree Burn, that you may wish to check out:

while the functionality level is limited compared to most of these types of systems, it seems to be a Burner-inspired labor of love, and it's all in the family. we've made inquiries regarding the lack of a privacy statement and a section that explains the intent of the site. we have been assured that he is a Burner as opposed to a data miner, and that a privacy policy will be forthcoming.


and, for those of you who haven't checked out Tribe yet, there are currently 2545 members listed in the Burning Man community, which makes it by far the largest virtual gathering place for Burners. it's worth checking out, as our kind has taken over their entire network like ants on a sugar pile.

yours in social experimentation,


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