Lullaby for the New World Order (chiaaysa) wrote in burning_man,
Lullaby for the New World Order


I'm really interested in going to the next Burning Man. It'll be my first one. Like all first-timers, I've read as much info as I can get my hands on, I've looked at the pictures, and I've studied the what to bring/not to bring lists. But, well, it's still kind of an overwhelming thing! I have questions that probably seem silly, but I will ask them anyway. :)

What do you ..DO once you get there? Just set up your living space and roam around, experiencing all that the place has to offer?

Can I volunteer at a theme camp once I'm there, or do I have to do that ahead of time?

Do I need to register somewhere if I want to do body art on myself or others while there? (non-profit, of course. Essentially I'd just want to sit under some shade and paint anyone who'd like to be colorful.)

The list, it goes on and on. But, mostly, I just want to know what I do! I purchase a ticket, I get there, and..?

It's sort of an open-ended question, but hopefully it's not a really dumb one. I'm just so in love with the whole concept it all. Hopefully I can get some friends to go, and we can caravan it, since we're pretty far away. :)

Thanks in advance!

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