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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

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Date: 9 Apr 2004 00:40:12 -0000
To: [me]
Subject: [me], Your Order Has Been Sent
From: Burning Man Tickets <tix-online@burningman.com>

Burning Man Tickets Shipment Notification

Hello Kirsten Berry,

Your order have been sent for:
(1) $165.00 - Burning Man 2004 - Burning Man 2004

Your tracking number is [fnord]
To track your shipment, click here:
Please allow 48 hours for your tracking to be available online.

Your package will arrive via USPS Insured Priority Mail and will require a signature upon delivery.
Your shipment should arrive within 5 business days. If your package is not received within 10 business days, please contact your local post office at http://usps.com.

Questions and comments, visit:


This is an auto generated email. Messages sent to this address will not be answered.

Thank you for using Burning Man Tickets!
Please visit us again at http://tickets1.burningman.com.
Make DAMN sure to check your spam filters, folks - Eudora mis-categorized this email....
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