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Larry Harvey, featured this week on iNaked, on making integral connections:

This process begins with radical self-expression: the feeling that your inmost vital self is real and that you can project a vision of this sense of your own being onto the surrounding world. I mean all these ads say be all that you can be, buy this car and you'll be free, but they're just substitutes. You're not going to be unless you can project a spiritual reality out onto the world.

But most people just don't have the confidence anymore because they're too isolated; they're too passive. So it starts with this, and I'll call it "I Am." And it proceeds, as in a theme camp, to a feeling that you are united with others, that you are linked in a bonded circle and that together you can share the same experience through an act of giving, because the value of a gift is in its flow - not as you consume it, but as it consumes. And I'll call this, "We Are." Finally there is the feeling that somewhere outside this circle there exists some greater gift that everyone is joined together by as they give to it, and I'll call this "It Is."

And I have come to believe that whenever these feeling states can be strung together like pearls on a string, as if they were parts of one spontaneous gesture, you will then generate an ethos, a culture, that leads, in Jefferie's words, to a "boundless shower of good things forever descending."

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