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From willowingwho got it from _labyrinth who got it from avenescent_

"a couple of weeks ago i posted a note in my journal about a terminally ill child named brooke. brooke is 5 years old, and has one wish... to "venture to far away places". i found out about her through a close friend of mine, a nurse who works with terminally ill children. occasionally a very special child will befriend her and she will help that child by fulfilling a special request. i'm always honored to be a part of the task, and i hope you are also.

brooke is described as a 5 year old going on 39. she's intelligent beyond her years, but of course frightened of dying and needs support.

when this began brooke had asked "for postcards from far away places, like alabama and florida". =) in her first batch of postcards, one of you were so kind to send her a card from egypt. she had never heard of it and had no idea the location. then, someone else sent her a world map and a package of double-side scotch tape. (cool universe eh?) brooke's hospital room walls were being decorated as you can imagine that first week, but the postcards have almost stopped coming enitrely now.

if you'd like the chance to send a postcard to brooke you may do so at the address below.

*please restrict any dialogue to simple things like: "sending love from me to you," or "have a great day brooke!"

feel free to share brooke's request with anyone you know who might enjoy brightening the short life of this wonderful little being.

Please have postcards sent to:

Brooke Hansen, DC10C
Doernbecher Children's Hospital
3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Rd
Portland OR 97239

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