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1st time going to BM hello all

I'm new to this group, although I'm on the Burning Man

My name is Kris. I heard about BM for the first time last year and said to self "I have to go". So March 1st I was one of the crazy people trying to get the cheap tix as I'm so poor. I finally was able to by my ticket 2 weeks later after much distress. I am going to BURNING MAN!!! and alone by choice, but I know plenty of people who will be there. I can hardly wait. I am going for the community aspect. A gathering of people with enough oneness to band together for a week survival in the desert. HOW AWEsome is that. I also am bettering my networking and social skills so this will be a good test. I also love getting down and dirty with mother nature. Camping is refuge for me and It's been a year since I've camped last. I can hardly wait. Only thing though is I own only a camp stove,sleeping bag,chair in bag, and a flashlight. SO HELP I NEED STUFFFF!! Where to go for really cheap stuff.
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