Sessa (sessa) wrote in burning_man,

LJ theme camp?

I was just wondering if the LJ community was going to have a theme camp this year...or if it didn't really happen last year and no one is into putting it together for this year. I just ask because this is my first year going, and I'm going with someone I met through LJ, and I figured since I don't know anyone else going from my area (Long island) I felt the closest to other LJ peeps...and was sorta hoping that someone would be knowledgeable and motivated enough to get the ball rolling.

If there's interest in one, I'd be willing to put together a bunch of hand made journals to hand out since I can't pull together my giant fire breathing snail idea for this year. I figure since its my first time, I should just focus on surviving. But I would be all for bringing out a box or two of journals to hand out to people or to have people document their week in.

Basically I'm just saying that I'd really like to get in touch with a few people who are also into the idea of staying/hanging with fellow LJers at the burn ;) I'm having a really hard time meeting people from the LI area, and that's making me think that I'd enjoy myself and have more to add to some sort of LJ camp/theme. Make sense? blah blah blah. I'll shut up now :)
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