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We're flat broke, but hey - we do it in style....

Headless Point needs our help!

As those of you on Tribe or the ePlaya have heard, Headless Point Studio, the live/work space that has brought us some of the most amazing art from the last several years (The One Tree, Anno Domino 2000, the Rubber Ducky), was destroyed in a three-alarm fire last Wednesday. All of the residents have been displaced, and two of them (Michelle Burke and Aaron "Slim" Muszalski) lost everything. Slim wrote the following as he was trying to inventory all that was lost....

on top of ashes

on top of fire

on top of my photographs
  of trips to Burning Man
  and Paris
  and Cornwall
  and of my family
  and lost loves
  and adventures great and small
and on top of my high school love letters
and on top of a button that came off of a couch
  while my first lover and I were fucking
and on top of my Utilikilts
  black neo-trad
  black workman's
  carhartt workman's
  and black leather
and on top my bed
  that I used to dream in
  and sleep in
  and play in
and on top of the pillows
and on top of the black mosquito netting
and on top of the top hat
  that Alicia gave to me for Valentine's Day
and on top of a circuit-bent drum machine
  squelchy, chaotic and perfectly fucked-up
and on top of a sky blue archtop guitar
  that I bought after Jennifer left me
and on top of my socks
and on top of my Survival Research Labs nudie calendar
  signed by Violet Blue
  and the late Tim North
and on top of a piece from the Temple of Tears
and on top of three small pieces of the Rubber Duck
and on top of a chip from the head of The Man
and on top of books on anarchist pedagogy
  and books about the I Ching
  (how appropriate, The Book of Changes)
and on top of every single issue of Cinefex magazine
and on top of Ray Harryhausen's signature
  from when I was 13
  and another
  from when I was 30
and on top of Speed Levitch's book "Speed"
  signed during one of his visits to Headless
and on top of ash and more
  and sludge
  and blackened, solidified masses
  of CD's
  and DVD's
  and ZIP disks
  and Laserdiscs
  and Syquest cartridges
  and Jazz cartidges
  and floppy disks
  - 20 years of data commingled into an ugly,
  dark strata
and on top of thirty-plus DV tapes
  upon whose magnetic polarity
  was held the record of the conception
  and building
  and operation
  and dissolution
  of the Rubber Duck
  and of my dear friend,
  [and goddamn sonofabitch]
  the late "Wavy" David Crusen
and on top of condoms
and on top of bullets
and on top of ILM year pins
and on top of bicycle chain necklaces
and on top of leather bondage cuffs
and on top of black boots
and on top of my High School yearbooks
and on top of my hand-dyed yellow ducky robe
  embroidered "Slim"
and on top of my pipes
  two churchwardens
  and two others
  including one given me by my mother
  for Christmas
  in 1999
and on top of a photograph
  of my father
  on top of a bicycle
  when he was nineteen
  or twenty-three
and on top of a photograph
  of Lisa Drostrova
  and David Mullins
  at an ILM Halloween party
  when I was twenty-one
  pouting, sad and dramatic
  drunk on vodka
  to ease the sting
  of Khris Brown
  having chosen Purple
  over me
and on top of my tuxedos
and on top of my black oilskin duster
  permeated with playa dust
  after serving as my only shelter
  during the post-event storms of 2002
and on top of some charred stems of psilocybin mushrooms
and on top of my remaining supply of Zoloft
  the chalky yellow pills swelled to bursting
and on top of a poster showing Emma Goldman
  dogmatically rendered in the traditional anarchist palette
  of red
  and black
and on top of a poster of my design
  commemorating the ill-fated (but glorious)
  Chaos Tugboat
and on top of a .357 magnum revolver
  wooden handles burnt off as if
  as if
  they had never been there
and on top of "The Manual -
  How to Have a Number One The Easy Way"
  by Bill Drummond
  and Jimmy Cauty
  aka The KLF
  otherwise known as The JAMM's
and on top of a squat metal bowl
  containing loose change,
  guitar picks
  and lube
and on top of wooden coat hangers
and on top of a 21" Radius color monitor
and on top of "The Decalogue"
  by Kieslowski
  merged now with
  "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" and
  "Wings of Desire" and
  "Pa Rappa the Rapper"
and on top of an Ampeg tube amplifier
and on top of a video kiosk
  that I'd built from the Commodore 1084 monitor
  that I'd bought with my first Amiga 1000
and on top of an endless gnarl of cords and cables
  and electronic miscellany
  and a milk crate full of wall warts [good riddance!]
and on top of all my old poetry
  written, as most of us do,
  during those "difficult" years
  of adolescence
and on top of a motorcycle tail bag
and on top of tools
and on top of a 24" bolt cutter
and on top of a desk I'd quickly built one afternoon
  ricketey and unsightly
  but which I was proud of
and on top of an unwashed dish or two, doubtless
and on top of my red Clamper shirt
  and black vest, adorned with tin
  including a medallion depicting Emperor Norton I
  and a heavy, golden badge that read
and on top of every backup CD I ever burned
and on top of a "Hello Kitty" doll
  still oddly recognizable
  and highly memorable
and on top of a box of casino chips from Amazing Larry's
and on top of a whiteboard, ostensibly for to-do's
  but which had been wholly blank
  save for a squiggly black spider
  scrawled there by Nifer
and on top of an Agfa scanner,
  now pancaked into hardened beige mush
and on top of an oil heater, shaped like a
  radiator and
  - surpsingly -
  not the source of the fire
and on top of a game of Monopoly
and on top of a plush monkey hand puppet
and on top of a deck of Oblique Strategies
  by Brian Eno
  and Peter Schmidt
  which, when drawn, read:

"Not building a wall

  but building a brick."

What was lost in the burning of Headless Point Studios:
Cafe Lola is now out of business.
Three families who lived upstairs from Cafe Lola and down wind the fire lost everything.
The 3 families consisted of:
  • 4 children between 5-13 years of age
  • 4 adults in their 30's
  • 2 adults in their 60's, one of which is handicapped
    Please inquire about donating to them at:
    American Red Cross - Bay Area Chapter - 415.427.8000
    702 Innes is the rough address of the families.
    Aaron and Michelle lost everything.
    Michelle was a dedicated collector of costume finery, and lost 15+ years of antique silk, velvet and brocade and beaded gowns and dresses. 40s and 50s dresses, corsets and stockings and costume undergarment thingies that we all wear as outerwear... She lost an array of fur hats - some in the Russian style and pillboxes (just nothing with a floppy brim), soft capes. cloaks, coats and probably her collection of rhinestone jewelry... Sleepwear, robes, slippers, scarves, gloves, sweaters, and shoes and furs, and what have you. Her shoes ran from boots to strappy dancing sandals to comfy shoes. Her wigs are gone. Her bed and bedding are gone. Towels.
    Michelle also lost some cookbooks - specifically a Joy of Cooking and Jeanne Rose's Herbal Guide to Food and some others she liked, and her Chilton's guide to a 1981 VW Diesel truck
    From Michelle: "Looking for cheap long term storage for remaining bits that cannot or should not (smell too bad) go into the very small house I'm moving into. Preferably storage on this end of town." [Hunter's Point]
    Michelle's sizes are:
  • Shoes -9W
  • Dress - 12
  • Blouse/Top - 10-11 or Medium
  • Pants - 11/12 or 33/33-34 (her leg length in pant is a 33 so opt for a 34 if no 33)
  • Bra - 34C
    Aaron no longer owns any Utilikilts, much less the 4 or so that used to live upstairs. Also gone are a classic Aaron tuxedo, random fetish wear.
    Aaron's sizes are:
  • Shirt - Large
  • Pants - 32 - 33 / 34
  • Shoes - 13
    The Shop lost:
    All their tools for a metal shop - that's everything from extension cords to plasma cutters
    welders (lost 4)
    plasma cutters (lost 3)
    CNC table
    hand tools
    power tools
    air compressors (lost 2)
    paint booths (lost 2) including sprayers and various apparati

  • For further donations specifics or questions contact:
    Aaron Muszalski - 415.571.7764
    Michelle Burke - 415.846.1077
    Dan Das Mann - 415.595.1566
    Serge Dureaux - 415.664.7882

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