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Ontario burn community presents: mOOpleman!!!

The Toronto and Ottawa burners have combined the mOOseman and Maple Man events into one Ontario event...mOOpleman!

Place: Hart House Farm
Dates: May 22-24
ticket info
OK folks, here it is!

Ticket sales are ON! Join us for the weekend of May 21-24th at Hart
House Farm in Caledon. Two seperate groups of tickets are available,
three day (Friday, Saturday, Sunday nights) or two day (Saturday &
Sunday nights).

From now until April 30th, prices are as follows:
3 day weekend - $85
2 day weekend - $65

From May 1st to 10th:
3 day weekend - $90
2 day weekend - $70

From May 10th until the day the event starts or we're sold out:
3 day weekend -$95
2 day weekend -$75

How can you pay? In person by cheque (payable to Laura Weller), cash
(please put it in an envelope with your name and info on the front), or
money order to me.

You can also deposit money directly to the bank
account, e-mail me off list if you want the account information to do
this. If you mail your payment, the date on the postmark will be used -
not the arrival date. Mail to me:

Laura Weller
402-255 Dovercourt Rd.
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 3C9

(I suggest the bank account option, as Laura has to pay ALOT of money up front to secure the space)

When will you get your ticket? We're going to have a ticket design
contest again. Send your submissions to Lola, (toronto @ Once we have determined the winner, we'll get the
tickets printed up and send/give them out to you.

What information do you need when I purchase your ticket? I need the

Your Name
do you want a 2 day or 3 day ticket(s)
mailing address
e-mail address
staying inside (limited space) or camping outside?

Email our reps for tickets/info - laura and lola at toronto @
some loose info...

info on HH farm
where the hell *IS* this farm? good is a "challenging map"
best to email toronto @ for directions.
All weekend we are gunna build a "moople"man, (me and the boys!) so bring karosene and fireworks to donate if you ve gottem. Then sunday night we torch him and watch him go boom! Its awesome. We are even having a torch making session!
Enjoy the sauna, djs, the nature, various workshop and even turkey fry! This should be a good one. Feel free to come and build a theme camp or make something beautiful happen!
Hope to see more of you fuckos there...
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