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Help a regional's grandest project to date...

The completed snowman dome will have two floors in the base dome, and another 2 domes stacked vertically on it's roof. It will reach 40' tall and will light up both as a giant monkey and as Frosty... It will house 6 or more people, besides the lounge and bar space in the main dome....

In light of this grand project, we need your help funding this project...
As you may know, steel prices have doubled or quadrupled in recent months.... Ouch! $8 per 10' piece!

You can PayPal us a donation....

This is a project we will be tested at Flipside, and following that we will begin planning its arrival at BM'04...

Details at our Website!

We are a college town, and fundraisers are quite difficult to break even, or raise money here...

-Vern, Denton, TX
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