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A Good Mail Day!!!!!!

This morning I was sitting and having tea with Davor when the doorbell rang. We'd ordered license plate frames to go with our monster plates, and they'd arrived... so the monsterization of the car is underway! We're thinking about painting it up all monstery, if we can find someone who can work with us (since neither one of us is a good enough painter to take it on ourselves.)

Even better: our BURNING MAN TICKETS came through!!!!!!!!

We'd applied for the scholarship tickets (filled out the form about what we've done and what we intend to do) and were eagerly awaiting the results... and we both got 'em!!!! YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! (etc)


As sad as I was when I thought I wasn't going, is how happy I am right now. And even better: last night we figured out that we can actually go up on Wednesday instead of Thursday like we'd thought. That extra day is going to make a real difference, as far as having some chill time before the weekend swings into gear (plus it means we will definitely be there for a particular Thursday night party that I know we are both eager to attend.)

Oh, I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

Woo-Hoo!!!! See you on the playa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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