Thomas the Rhymer, Oisin the Diviner (thomasrymour) wrote in burning_man,
Thomas the Rhymer, Oisin the Diviner

Seattle, WA: Come live in Georgetown! Hanta House has rooms!

Any of you who may have attended Cell Division events at the Hanta House/Dirty Feet Mansion (4750
Airport Way S.) in Georgetown, and thought of how cool it would be to live in just such a space,
may now have just such an opportunity! 2 rooms in our converted warehouse/shopspace are opening up
in June for a studio/live in workspace. Rent is 300 bucks (when we have the desired 5 people
living here- otherwise it's 1500 divided by ?), 200 deposit (refundable with a four month stay and
no trashing of space on your part, etc.), and about 50-100 bucks of
misc bills throughout the month as well. Rustic/functional kitchen and shower, no laundry or high
speed net access, but really great common work space, huge opening bay door, indoor bike storage
and other quirky industrial accoutrements make it all worth while.
We are planning more events here for the summer which benefit the household, and your own ideas
and projects could easily manifest here as well.

Our ideal candidate would be a flexible, active, concientious, creative type character who doesn't
need a polished living environment, to share space with four other mixed gender housemates of
various interests and pursuits. Also, no pets or smoking in the space.
The Lease expires at the end of August, and we'd love to have someone willing to continue the
space as the current residents phase out throughout the next year.

Interested parties should contact Iko...
with any further inquiries and to set up a viewing appointment.

view the space...

please forward this message to any lists or individuals you think would be interested.

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