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Camp Arachnid Fundraiser & Fetish Event

Friday, May 28th: Wicked City presents the Camp Arachnid 2004 fundraiser!

Now in its third year, Camp Arachnid brings a friendly, kinky set of classes in rope bondage to Burning Man. We encourage playful, safe, creative exploration.


Friday, May 28th, 9PM-3AM
Wicked City (StudioZ)
314 11th Street (at Folsom)
San Francisco, CA.

Wicked City presents a new fetish theme each month, featuring hors d'oeuvres, BDSM classes and demonstrations, decorations, and tantalizing thematic performances.

Must be 21 or over to attend
Mandatory Dress Code: Fetish, Goth or Themed attire

Admission $12 in advance, $15 at the door
Advanced tickets available at:
~Stormy Leather - 1158 Howard St, SF
~Mr. S - 310 Seventh Street, SF
~Madame S - 321 Seventh Street, SF

Wicked City
Camp Arachnid


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