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I Love You, Man!

I would just like to say how excited I am getting about Burning Man! Last year was my first year and I can honestly say that Burning Man changed my life. I was so jaded and hopeless before Burning Man, I thought that there was nothing positive left in the world anymore. I had dropped out of college and returned to stripping, something that I had a little addiction to. Also I'm from Florida, and I had NEVER experienced the generosity and genuine kindness and chillness of you West Coasters. I had never seen such crazy art on such a grand scale. I was INSPIRED again and I felt hope. Now I have changed my life completely. No more stripping, ever, I am a waitress and banquet server at a fine dining establishment. I moved to NYC with my boyfriend, who introduced me to Burning Man, and whom I had only been with a couple of months when we went. We have been together over a year now, and I've never felt so loved. Also I'm enrolled to start school again this fall, the BEST school I know of for what I'm doing, (Parsons) photography, and honestly, Burning Man had a part in my newfound ambitiousness. I went with my boyfriend, Zack and his friend James who I had NEVER MET before. But by the end of the week I felt like James' sister, and the three of us have the best time together now when we go out, we have this wierd bond, its like we relive Burning Man. So us three are going again this year. I am looking forward to seeing all of you, my fellow Burners! The best people I've ever met. I have such wild, unbridled enthusiasm for Burning Man and I don't care how nerdy I seem! When people ask me about it I just say that its like going to another planet, you just have to experience it for yourself, you can totally be yourself, and it changed my life..oh yeah and the people are sooo fucking chill... Well, I just had to make these confessions!

OH yeah, to all you NYC Burners, where is that Wednesday night happy hour and is it still going on??

My photo of Zack, James, and I last year, on Sunday during that wild dust storm....
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