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Anyone want to go to Burning Man w/ me this year?

Anyone want to go to Burning Man w/ me this year? This is a serious offer. I have an extra ticket I am willing to trade for transportation.

This is what I am ideally looking for:

I need transportation from Portland, Oregon to Black Rock City and back. I would like to leave on Saturday, August 28th, drive a significant portion, camp overnight, and arrive in Black Rock City on Sunday the 29th. I would need to leave the following Sunday September 5th as I have to be back at work early Tuesday morning. This could mean missing out on the Sunday night burn of the temple and the community burns.

I would expect you to pay for all transportation related expenses. This includes gas. I can help w/ driving if it's an automatic vehicle. I can't really drive a stick shift, but could in case of an emergency. I have a valid driver's license and I am over age 25 if it matters for your insurance. Please don't volunteer if your car is not likely to make the trip to the desert and back. I have spent enough time on the side of highway I-5 last summer. I would really prefer not to repeat the experience or something worse.

I will have a lot of gear. This probably won't fit into a standard size car, especially with another person's gear. I need/want to bring a tent, possibly a shade structure, sleeping gear, twenty five to thirty gallons of water for myself, cooking gear, food, booze, clothes and costumes, hopefully a shower and some thought out system to deal w/ the greywater. This may include an assembled or partially assembled evaporation pool and possibly a stand of some sort to hold the water. I am thinking of a five gallon solar shower type device. I could always recruit scrub/shower slaves to help hold it, but that doesn't help deal w/ the greywater. I don't think I am leaving anything important out. This is a lot of gear so I want to be realistic about it. Not all of this is absolutely required, but most of it is.

I also want to bring a bike. When it's suggested that you have a bike at Burning Man, it's not really a suggestion. Bikes can go on the outside of the vehicle.

You need to be self sufficient. I would prefer a companion that is able to deal w/ the physical environment and the social ones. It can be a really intense experience. I don't want to have any awkward obligations that creep up later in the week. I also need to be able to trust this person to hold true to their word, especially about getting me back on time to not fuck up my job. No flakes.

I am OK w/ camping alone or in a group. The past two years I have camped with a Teahouse. I will most likely want to camp near/with some of my other Oregon or San Francisco friends regardless of if the Teahouse becomes a possibility or not.

If you are seriously interested and you are disturbed by any of the particulars listed above, let's talk. I am willing to negotiate most of the details. If you have never been to Burning Man please visit their comprehensive website specifically the sections titled the first timer's guide & all of it's links. There is a lot of information but it really helps. Words can not explain this event. Pictures can not explain it. It truly needs to be experienced.

Are you with me?

Note: I will be out of town this weekend, so I may be slow on responding. If you are seriously interested and leave a comment, I will get in touch w/ you.

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