Victoria 7 (victoria7) wrote in burning_man,
Victoria 7

Burning Man Artist's Car Stolen

From: Christopher Schardt <>
Date: June 16, 2004 3:21:50 PM PDT
Subject: stolen car - please look


On the morning of 6/15, my car was stolen from the OSH (Orchard Supply
Hardware) parking lot on Ashby in Berkeley. In it was a bag containing
my camera, my laptop, and all of the CAD work I've done for Betty's and
my 2004 Burning Man art piece.

Fortunately (perhaps) it has a very distinctive appearance: It is a 1998
Audi A4 4-door sedan, a shiny blue color, license plate #3XHP936. There
are DPW stickers on each of the front doors. Here's a photo:
(It doesn't have the roof rack or art piece on it at the moment.)

Though the vehicle was stolen in the east bay, the FasTrak system
detected my transponder (which may not be in my car but likely is)
crossing the Bay Bridge at 11:33AM today into San Francisco. If you see
my car driving by, please call 911 and see if you can get the police to
pull it over. It has been reported stolen. You can also call me at

I imagine I won't see my car again without a lot of damage, but maybe
there's a chance for some of my things, perhaps chucked in the bushes
somewhere. In the car were two, small, bright yellow bags with black
shoulder straps. One is the shoulder bag that contains my laptop. It
has a red design on it that looks like some strange creature looking
through a telescope. If you see anything that looks like these bags,
please call me.

My laptop will likely be sold. If happen to come across an aluminum 1MHz
Powerbook G4 with 2" diameter sticker of the earth on the lid, please see
if you can contact me. The data is more important to me than anything
else I've lost. I'm willing to pay a $500 reward for it.

I suppose that someone might peel my earth sticker off. The easiest way
to identify my powerbook software-wise would be these uncommon
applications I have in my dock, which I put on the right side of the
Claris Emailer
VectorWorks 10.2
VectorWorks 8.5.2
Photoshop 6.0
iView 1.5

Thank you very much for your help,
Christopher Schardt

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